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For instance, when I was 8 months pregnant I walked into a store only to be greeted by an elderly woman who jokingly said (very loudly), "Honey, what did you eat today?" A shy co-worker (a man who had never spoken to me before) chimed in warmly: "Oh yes, you're starting to get that pregnancy double-chin."

Comments like this aside, I also have been offered countless hours of unsolicited advice by strangers on planes, and been subjected to the pregnancy tales and birthing stories of women I have just met at parties.

Now that I am a mother, my parenting receives the same type of attention. For example, when my child was a few months old I was warned that, if I held him too much, his muscles would not 'harden up' and he wouldn't learn to walk (he was walking before his first birthday).

Got any of your own interesting/funny/sad/maddening stories to tell? I'm looking for anecdotes and stories of the kind of uninhibited behavior displayed by others towards pregnant women and mothers. If you have a story of your own (or of someone you know) that you'd like to share, I invite you to submit it by clicking on this link.

You can also read a selection of other submissions by clicking here, or going to the April 2006 archives.

There is no minimum or maximum limit to your submission, nor to the number of submissions. I'm looking for all types of stories (the good, the bad, and the weird). My aim is to gather an interesting collection that will provide (a) material for an academic inquiry into the social peculiarities of being pregnant and/or being a mother, and, hopefully, (b) a quirky publication that may be of interest to pregnant women, parents, and the general public. Please include your first name, and how many months you were pregnant or how old was your child at the time the anecdote occurred. If you prefer, the submission may be anonymous, just be sure to state so with your submission.

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